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C O R DE M A N S  architecture

This architectural practice was started by XL Cordemans in 1989 (Tokyo, Japan).  Based  since 1994 in Hong Kong (China) we worked mostly on projects in the Asian region. Lately more in Hong Kong and Thailand, always starting from initial sketches up to construction. If there is anything in common with all those projects it is the international character.

In the last 30 years we worked on small and larger projects, ranging from shops, residences up to a aviation training school  [I particularly enjoy to work on aviation related projects].


Axel Cordemans, architect

Graduated cum laude in 1987 (Antwerp, Belgium). Apprenticeship with two of his mentors, George Baines and Bob Van Reeth (Antwerp) first, then with György Pallfy (Tokyo). Travelled extensively in the USA and Asia. 

Multilingual and multicultural he has worked for most of his life on cross-cultural projects in Asia. Independent and with an entrepreneurial character the other great passion of this pilot are vintage airplanes.

Every project is different. Yet for all projects my main focus is and has always been the impact space has on you, as a user. How do you feel inside the house or outside the building? Did you ever notice something changing when you go from one room to another?  

Architecture does impact people. Good architecture can be the right place to recharge your batteries. However, different people will resonate better in some kind environments only. It is very personal. Thus style is secondary to me.  Yet I usually work in the same way and the reason for that is because I am better at achieving a special feel with a set of design language I am comfortable with.

Belgian Spirit

In 2013 (I know, it dates a bit) I was asked by Siegfried Verheijke of Flanders Investment and Trade  to participate at the Belgian Spirit event in Hong Kong. Although I am more a citizen of one world, the fact is that I grew up and studied in Belgium. Eventually he convinced me to participate in a  little video which turned out to be great fun to make, thanks with the help of the students of South Island School.

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